Sunday, July 22, 2012

At first...

Remember summer vacation?  That feeling of delicious freedom when your time was once again your own, and all the books you wanted to read and the lakes you've been dying to swim in are suddenly yours to explore.  The summer is stretched out in front of you and life feels full of possibilities.

That's how I feel right now.  I often feel this way at the start of a creative project.  And this place, this virtual, interactive journal is a project I'm excited about.  It's a creative time in my life-- I'm no longer in the corporate world (hallelujah!), I've started writing and cooking again, and I have a new little daughter who is teaching me to see our little bit of Brooklyn in a new light.

We're almost settled here.  The yard is almost ready, the apartment is almost baby-proofed, and now I'm back to creatively finding ways to live in relatively tight quarters.  That's something I'll be talking about a lot here.  I am, admittedly, a clutterholic and a sentimentalist-- I need my stuff.  But, as my fabulously understanding minimalist husband (let's just call him Mr. Minimalist) encourages me, it's all about editing.

I wouldn't trade our cozy apartment for a three story house.  It's home.  It's where we brought home our daughter.  It has exposed brick, and a working fireplace, and actual greenery outside our windows.  It even has a bit of earth outside that we're making into our own little Eden.  It's exciting, making this place a home, discovering the joy of small spaces and small moments.

Thank you, dear whoever you are, for spending a few minutes with me.  Leave me your thoughts.


  1. I can't even keep weeds alive, but a small garden is always appealing.

    1. I agree. Btw, if you can't keep weeds alive, you should still try mint. It is indestructible, and works well in a pot!


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