Friday, March 29, 2013

"I Can't Believe It's Not Leavened!" (Best Passover Muffin Recipe Ever!)

Is it weird that every holiday for me centers around the making and eating of food?

Weeks ago we made plans with friends and invited them over for a weekend brunch.  I didn't realize then that it would be Passover and I wouldn't be able to rely on crusty baguettes or my favorite zucchini bread to supplement the menu.

In our family we give up bread and other associated products on Passover to commemorate the Jews' hasty exodus from enslavement in Egypt and eat matzah-- unleavened, cracker-like, disgusting, aptly named "bread of affliction"-- for 8 days.

So I Googled like crazy, as I often do.  And lo and behold, I am not the only one who obsesses about holiday foods!  A search for "passover muffins" yielded pages of recipes, and after sifting through them I was able to make up a recipe of my own to suit this weekend's brunch.  It seems that I am not the only one who spends two weeks out of every year in a frenzied search for recipes to soften the blow of eight days of no bread

If I do say so myself, these Kosher for Passover muffins will knock your socks off.  They're fluffy, tender, moist, and to be honest, make me feel a little guilty for enjoying myself so much!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Week's (Big) Small Find: Magnetic Message Boards

I kind of love these.

Fabric Covered Magnet Board (18" x 12") Turquoise Damask
Fabric Covered Magnet Board by LivyLouDesigns, $26.50 on Etsy
This designer makes fabulous (and even customized) magnetic message boards that include vintage button mega-magnets.  Ribbons and fabric mean it would look right at home in a bedroom.

When I was in college, I collected the corks from the bottles of wine we drank at parties and get-togethers, and when the year was up I used them all to make a homemade pushpin cork board.  I loved it.

Of course, after a couple of years the cork stopped healing and became riddled with holes.  My board ended up looking more dingy-funky than vintage-eclectic.  Not to mention that every photo/memento/message I posted up there was tattered with pinholes.  So, although I am a big fan of DIY and would recommend that project to anyone who drinks enough wine to make it happen, I think it may be time for something a little more grown up.