Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Week's (Big) Small Find: Magnetic Message Boards

I kind of love these.

Fabric Covered Magnet Board (18" x 12") Turquoise Damask
Fabric Covered Magnet Board by LivyLouDesigns, $26.50 on Etsy
This designer makes fabulous (and even customized) magnetic message boards that include vintage button mega-magnets.  Ribbons and fabric mean it would look right at home in a bedroom.

When I was in college, I collected the corks from the bottles of wine we drank at parties and get-togethers, and when the year was up I used them all to make a homemade pushpin cork board.  I loved it.

Of course, after a couple of years the cork stopped healing and became riddled with holes.  My board ended up looking more dingy-funky than vintage-eclectic.  Not to mention that every photo/memento/message I posted up there was tattered with pinholes.  So, although I am a big fan of DIY and would recommend that project to anyone who drinks enough wine to make it happen, I think it may be time for something a little more grown up.

Note-it Style  Magnetic Dry Erase Board
Note-it Style Magnetic Dry Erase Board, $25 at Target
A great idea-- a place to write messages, post mementos and even store a few odds and ends out of sight in a cubby.  Great for entryways.

Magnetic message boards are genius.

How many of you are like me and have little post-it notes, coupons, photos and greeting cards littering your home like paper cups after a marathon?  You never know where anything is and, worse yet, these little papers have a big visual impact, making your space look cluttered, disorganized and way too busy.  In a small home, you really can't afford to be messy.

If you have a central message board to post all these things, though, life becomes a lot simpler and suddenly you have a collage of mementos rather than a room full of litter.
LUNS Writing/magnetic board IKEA For storage of keys, mobile phone, mail. You can write messages with the chalk and stick magnets on the board.
LUNS Writing/Magnetic Board, $15 at IKEA
A magnetic chalkboard looks nice and old school, while the wood color blends well with most styles.  Nice for a kitchen.

You can find all sorts of boards to suit your design taste and budget.  Put one of these in your kitchen, above your desk, in your bedroom, or use them as a landing strip near your front door.  Since they only take up wall space, they are a great organizing solution for people who live in small homes.

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