Monday, April 8, 2013

Inspiration to Declutter: Trust More, Need Less

It really feels like spring today.  Finally.

I can tell because I was out for two and a half hours with the Little One at the playground this morning, and not once did I stop to blow my nose or search for my gloves.  It was gloriously warm all day, the sky was blue, and the park was surrounded by yellow daffodils and even a few purple hyacinth that smelled like old fashioned perfume.

Spring is definitely a time for getting outside and enjoying the weather.  However, it's also the traditional time for spring cleaning-- decluttering your space and airing out your home to prepare for the season.  Maybe it's because we suddenly realize how musty and stuffy our homes are only after we experience the joy of warm air and blossoming wildflowers.

I'll be posting more on spring cleaning in the future.  For now, read this article on Apartment Therapy that will really inspire you to declutter.  The basic moral of that story seems to be, "Trust more, need less."  I'm definitely going to try it out.

Want more stuff to read on the value of small spaces and decluttering?  Check this and this out.

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