Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And we're back...

My apologies.  I left you.

But I'm back now, and will try and keep this going for a while.  I lost my blog writing mojo for a while.  For a good cause, but nevertheless, I was a long time absent.

I blame the baby :)

We spent Thanksgiving of 2013 giving thanks for the latest addition to our family, a little girl who by default on this blog should be called Little Two... but that sounds quite strange, so stay tuned for a nice anonymous nickname.  Anyway, we are all well and happy, but the pregnancy and infancy threw my blogging for a curve ball.  The little time I do have to write I spend working on other writing projects.  But that's not fair to you all, and I do miss this little bit of writing space.  I've been cooking more now, and getting back in to kid projects and home crafts.  So stay tuned.  We'll get back there.  I promise.

If not, just blame the baby.


  1. Yay! Congrats on the baby! I like to read whatever you write, whenever.

    1. Thanks! I will do my best to entertain ;) Keep reading!

  2. Welcome back! And that picture is just so precious!


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