Friday, November 2, 2012

This Week's (Big) Small Find: Decorative Knobs and Pulls*

It's funny how the smallest things can make you ridiculously happy.

When we moved in to our apartment a couple years ago, we redid a few things before settling in: the walls, ceilings and (black!) baseboards were all painted over, extra storage cubbies were built over each closet (more on that another time) and the old and decrepit closet doors were replaced.  When we replaced the closet doors, we got these plain cheapo knobs at the hardware store and just stuck them on... nothing decorative or remarkable, but serviceable.

They've been bothering me for two years.


So I replaced them.  And now I'm happy.

You don't have to have a big budget to get major impact in a room.  Something small like swapping out door knobs (or drawer pulls, or kitchen cabinet knobs) can really make a lot of difference, bringing color and texture and character to a room.

Since you're working on a small scale (how many knobs could you possibly need?) you can really go all out on this purchase (I'll admit, I went to Anthropologie for these*).  You can also find more thrifty deals by raiding flea markets for something unique and fun.  Even big box hardware stores have a decent collection of knobs and handles to choose from.  In any case, you don't need to settle on the bland and boring.

Have another small scale decorating idea that makes a big impression?  Share it, please!

*A Note on (Big) Small Finds: A reader recently asked me whether I get paid for sharing my finds, and the answer, for the time being, is no.  The (Big) Small Finds are simply things I come across in my daily life that I think are useful/noteworthy/wonderful.  If I should ever be so lucky that this fact changes, I will of course let everyone know with a clear disclaimer... here's hoping!  

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