Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Week's (Big) Small Find: Folding Chairs

Clockwise, starting from top left: vintage folding chair from MsMichiganRoux on Etsy; spindle back folding chair from Target; folding chair from World MarketBollo folding chair from IKEA.

I recently read an article on Apartment Therapy on how to entertain in a small space.  There were notes on decor (mix and match), style (relaxed) and attitude (be flexible).  But one thing the article didn't mention is something you can't avoid: eventually, people are going to want to sit down.

Now, unless you have the kind of crowd that likes to picnic on the floor, you're going to have to find a way to provide enough chairs for everyone.  Personally, our apartment consists of four chairs around a table, and a couch that seats three if necessary.  Not quite enough for your typical dinner party.

Enter the fabulous folding chair.

I always thought that folding chairs were limited to those ugly metal things you see in offices and school auditoriums.  Luckily they've evolved.  There are traditional, rustic or mid-century modern folding chairs to suit everyone's taste.  If you search hard enough, you can find a chair that suits your home's style and budget.  And, since they fold, you can stick a couple at the back of your closet (or, if you're lucky enough, in your basement storage area) and you won't be crowded day to day by an overabundance of chairs.

So relax, quit worrying, and let the dining begin!

What's your holiday entertaining look like?  Any tricks for having people over in your small space?  Let me know how you do it!


  1. Hah, we have two IKEA folding chairs very similar to the one you picture. We also have four dining chairs, so we regularly use my desk chair when we have guests and then add the folding chairs as needed. Although tomorrow I think we're going to have eight adults at dinner, so that necessitates pulling out the piano stool. We're fancy, we are. :^)

    1. Way to multi-purpose! I like your musical chairs (get it get it?) Hope dinner is a success!

  2. when we lived in montreal we had the IKEA folding chairs! couldn't keep them out because of lack of space, but they perfect for storage. (well i mean, obviously. they are, after all, "folding"... ha!)
    oddly, in our cramped space in montreal we did way more entertaining than we do in a much bigger place here in ecuador!
    love the World Market chairs. :-)

    1. Exactly, I think entertaining in a small space is easier than people think. We used to entertain in our studio in the city eons ago. It's about atmosphere, not space!


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