Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The 300 Square Foot Apartment

My Micro NY adAPT
Rendering of the new micro apartment                           Photo by NYC Mayor's Office

And you thought your place was small.

A while back, I wrote about finding a cure for big house envy.  I have to say, this will make you feel a lot better about wherever you live, and maybe even inspire you to downsize!

My first studio was just under 400 square feet, but it did not look nearly as spacious as the 300 square foot apartment I just saw featured today on NBC online.  The article gave a quick peak inside a mock-up apartment that represents the winner of the "My Micro NY" design contest.  There are the typical small space amenities-- nesting tables, storage ottomans, Murphy beds.  But they are all done with such suave attention to modern detail that you don't even mind having a bed that folds into a wall.

So next time you're bummed about your teeny tiny place, just think-- it could be micro!


  1. Here's another example. This house makes my apartment feel big! I give them a lot of credit - I don't know that I could share such a small space with someone else.

    1. Ok, wow, I just checked out that link, and that is one TINY house.

  2. our last place was tiny and our new place is pretty big. i have to say, i loved out tiny apartment in Montreal (which ironically, was much more expensive!) it had a lot of character and kept us from feeling like we needed to fill it with expensive furniture. i just love a place with charm.

    1. Charm makes up for a lot-- especially in a small place!


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