Saturday, January 5, 2013

This Is What Parenthood Looks Like

We had big plans for New Year's 2013.

Well, not really.  Not big in comparison to the thousands of people crammed into Times Square to watch the ball drop.  Not big in comparison with all the revelers at the clubs, or the hordes of students celebrating in the streets.

But big for us.

For weeks, we had planned on a trip to see my folks and a bunch of friends in Boston.  Over the last few years, we have developed a tradition of having a New Year's Day brunch at my folks place-- multi-generational, with little ones running around, and adults of all ages milling around, eating good food, catching up and relaxing.  For New Year's Eve, a friend hosts a small house party which is always intimate and wonderful.

We were looking forward to New Year's Eve...

Instead, December 31st saw Mr. Minimalist and I in our Brooklyn apartment, sitting on the couch, eating chicken soup out of a can, watching sitcoms and flipping during commercials to Rockin' New Year's Eve (which is not the same without Dick Clark).  Our Little One was sick, sporting a fever and a cough, and there was no way we were going anywhere.  Worn out from caring for her and from worry, we didn't even have energy for a festive meal or staying up until midnight.

We woke after a couple hours sleep to what sounded like rocket fire.

Through a sleepy haze Mr. Minimalist turned to me-- "We're either under attack, or it's midnight and there are fireworks in Prospect Park."  Luckily, it was the latter.  With a quick peck, we wished each other Happy New Year, and then I fumbled out of bed to go to the Little One who was crying from fright in her room.

This is what parenthood looks like.  You can make all sorts of plans but sometimes things just happen out of your control and there's no point in complaining.  For a control freak like me, this is a new lesson.

It's all good.  It's just a flu, she'll be better soon, and with luck, this will be our biggest problem of the year!

Happy 2013 everyone!


  1. Belated comment--I can't tell you how true this is! I have three boys and someone is always sick, plans are always getting cancelled. This IS what parenthood looks like!

    1. :) So glad to hear I'm not alone! It's worth it though :)


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